Moti Baa Ni Nani Vahu

Moti Baa Ni Nani Vahu

The Zaveri household is prepared to welcome their stunning daughter-in-law Swara. Mann the male character is getting married to Swara since he values his values as a family member, however, the love of his life is Mohini. Following the wedding, Swara recognizes this the reality of her situation, she decides that she'll assist Mann to get Mohini into his life. In one way she begins to form relationships with her husband, and in the same time, she always remains in the process of showing that she is the correct choice for the daughter-in-law within the Zaveri Family. What happens when her new-age beliefs are in conflict with the beliefs of Baa Zaveri, who is the traditional mother of the Zaveri Family? Is it possible for Swara overcome Baa and continue to be living her life on her own terms?

Production Company: Devaswwa Production

Director: Chander Bahl

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