I) Notification of COPYRIGHT

Jiocinejmausa is not averse to copyright infringement or infringing IP rights through its website and will take down any Content that is notified that it violates other intellectual property rights. Jiocinemausa has the discretion to terminate an account of a User when they are found to be a repeated infringer.

If you believe your work was copied in a manner that is a violation of copyright Please provide Jiocinemausa’s copyright representative with the written details below:

  • A signature, whether electronic or physical of the individual authorized to take action on behalf of the creator of the copyright which is claimed to have been violated;
  • A brief description of each of the copyrighted works you assert have been violated;
  • A description of the location where the material you assert is infringing is found at Jiocinemausa’s website. Jiocinemausa website, and the URL for the exact location of the material that you claim to be infringing;
  • The information we need to be able to communicate with you. This includes at a minimum your phone number, address and email address;
  • A declaration by you that you are of a reasonable conviction that the use in question is not permitted by the owner of the copyright or its agent, or the law.
  • A declaration from you, under the penalty of perjury, stating that the information contained on your form is true and you’re also the owner of the copyright or have the authority to act on behalf of the Copyright Owner’s behalf.

Notify a copyright holder


If you think that the material you uploaded was deleted incorrectly or doesn’t infringe on third-party copyright, please submit an appeal to us using the form below. After we receive your appeal and we have it remitted together with your personal data as well as your contact information to the entity that issued the take-down notice. Restoring deleted material is at our own discretion. Be aware that appeals without a valid reason could be a subject of legal actions.

Send an email with a copyright counter-notification