Baalveer Return

Baalveer Return

After Pari-lok was the place of fairies who were benevolent was destroyed by the mighty evil Timnasa. Baalveer is sheltered in Veer-lok together with some of the people from Paris that been spared the slaughter. Under the direction by the wise white Lion Shaurya, Baalveer and Paris are instructed to locate the next Baalveer as soon as possible due to the fact that he was severely injured in the conflict and is required to form a create with a fresh Baalveer for a second time to fight the fight against bad. The search for the successor to Baalveer leads them back to the earth to meet Vivan who is a resident of an old social group in Mumbai. Vivan is the most naughty youngster, and a passionate lover of Salman Khan, and a person who is not convinced of Baalveer's power. It is a further source of misery of Baalveer since the unruly, non-believer child is the true successor to Baalveer. This is the difficult trip of Baalveer and his crew in order to make Vivaan the new Baalveer featuring some zany characters, games for children and a lot of magic at the earth, and also the actual Loks. The ever-present threat of Timnasa as well as the mystery surrounding her birth is still a factor. (Director: J.P. Sharma and Vikas Kumar. Producers -- Abhimanyu Singh as well as Roopali Singh ]

Director: Sanjay Satvase, Amit Daamle

Cast/Actors: Dev Joshi , Vansh Sayani , Pavitra Punia , Sharmilee Raj

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