Pherari Mon

Pherari Mon

This is the tale of Tulsi an ordinary middle-class girl and her struggle against oppression she faces due to her gender and even her father. Tulsi is fierce and self-confident. She is a college student who meets Agni she is part of the wealthy political family that manages the university. His wealth and prerogative is what makes him outright insecure. But, Tulsi protests Agni's arrogance which causes a lot anxiety for Agni. Agni has a grudge with Tulsi and avenges her for her actions. The marriage is ruined and her father snatches her from the home. In order to protect her self-respect, Tulsi ties a Mangal sutra to herself. She then walks into Agni's home and declares that she is his wife. Tulsi is determined to force him to admit guilt for the mistake he made. Tulsi can also pose a threat to Parama Agni's impulsive stepmother, who has spoiled the boy. Can she overcome the challenges of life in order to get an ideal husband and house?

Production Company: Colors Bangla

Director: Bipul Patra,Sudipta Roy,Biy,dipta Chakraborty,Arindam Ganguly

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