Lakshmi Baramma

Lakshmi Baramma

' Lakshmi Baramma' is actually the tale of the ignorant and also youthful Laxmi that receives wed to Chandan, simply to recognize that she is actually embeded a marital relationship of ease. Chandan, resides in truth crazy along with Shruti, yet obeying to his mama's guidance, he picks an organized marital relationship over affection. Indebted to Chandan for weding her, Lakshmi is actually currently torn in between her truth as well as her desires. What will Lakshmi perform?

Production Company: Colors Kannada

Director: Shwetha|Actor|Supporting,Chandan|Actor|Supporting,Sulochana|Actor|Supporting,Kalpana|Actor|Supporting,Shruthi|Actor|Lead,Kailash|Actor|Supporting,Ranjith|Actor|Supporting,Lakshmi|Actor|Lead,Ramu|Actor|Lead,Kumuda|Actor|Lead,Dhruva|Actor|Supporting,Manoj|Actor|Supporting,Parvathi|Actor|Supporting,Boregowda|Actor|Supporting,Nanjundi|Actor|Supporting,Basava|Actor|Supporting,Selvam|Actor|Supporting,Giri|Actor|Supporting,Siddharth|Actor|Supporting

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