The story revolves around the life of a prestigious family of businessmen in Mumbai The Oberoi family that has to face tough and difficult situations every now and then. Kalyani Oberoi is Matriarch of the family and lives in an Oberoi mansion along with her two sons as well as their family. Tej, the elder brother Tej is married to Jhanvi who suffers from a drink addiction due to Tej's sexual relationship with his secretary Svetlana. Tej along with Jhanvi have three kids. Their oldest son is Omkara an artist and self-made billionaire. He is also a victim of using drugs. He's a tolerant man and is extremely angry with his father. He also had an affair with a woman called Riddhima and broke up with her later. Tej and Jhanvi's son, Rudra, is a playful, flirtatious man who's a gym rat and enjoys partying with women but he is adamant that Rudra doesn't believe in the idea of wedding. Rudra is extremely affectionate to people. The couple also have a daughter Priyanka that is referred to as Prinku by everyone'. She's a calm and easy-going girl, who is nervous often due to her anxiety about social situations, but becomes involved with her sister, the loud ACP Ranveer. Tej is a sister to a younger brother, Shakti who is married to Pinky. They have a son named Shivaay and is their eldest son, and also the front-runner in the Oberoi's business. The business tycoon who has the same strict character as his grandfather, Tej. He's arrogant and snobbish and judge individuals on the basis of their social standing and lineage and not their personalities or their work. He doesn't consider himself a romantic, however he was involved with Tia Kapoor due to her class and prestige. Shivaay feels a strong sense of loyalty to his family's name. Both Tej and Pinky are determined to have their own children to take over the company which is why they fight with each one another. Although they are fighting, the three siblings have a unique bond to one another.

Production Company: 4 Lions Films

Director: Lalit Mohan

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    9.0 rating
  2. yashfa yaseen

    best drama ever

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  3. yashfa yaseen


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  4. Anuj

    Besy drama

    8.0 rating
  5. Miki

    Need another season 😭🙏🏻

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  6. ahmed tanbir

    it isvery good

    9.0 rating
  7. Azeem Ali


    7.0 rating
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    6.0 rating
  9. manomn2001

    every other serial is playing on this app except for this one i was on season 2 have been watching since many days please please fix thiss asap please

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    The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported. Please this problem

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    Every other serial is playing on this app except this one please fix this problem as soon as possible!!

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  12. Alishba

    This serial is not running for many days, it just keeps loading but not running,plz fix this problem as soon as possible!

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  13. Ayesha

    I love this

    10.0 rating
  14. youngmarne

    Where can i watch with subtitles

    10.0 rating
  15. Shahid ali

    Ishqbazz drama all ep on YouTube

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  16. hira1

    The quality is not good…plzz improve it.the video is very blurry and unclear

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  17. Swostika adhikari

    Own of the best series

    10.0 rating
  18. Nehdia waheed

    Always best

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