Ek Hasina Thi

Ek Hasina Thi

Durga Thakur A wealthy, educated and confident woman is known as a stunningly beautiful woman and stunningly beautiful. Her encounters include with the Goenka family members with their the youngest son Shaurya is an excellent-looking and wealthy brat. Shaurya is intrigued by Durga and will eventually increase in importance when his buddies challenge his way. He wants to get Durga by a bet that he and his buddies. Shaurya's intelligent parents Sakshi and Rajnath always remain on the side of whatever they think he does.Shaurya and Durga are spending more time with each other as they meet when they go out on dates. Sakshi gradually realizes the influence of Durga on Shaurya and also the ways that the two are becoming more involved in the effect she has on her. Shaurya's fame is damaged and she starts to question the motives of Durga for it.certainly the truth is revealed that Durga truly Nitya Mitra who is determined to get revenge on her sister Payal Mitra, a mentally ill patient who Shaurya and her friends raped in the past two years. She was determined to bring justice to Payal however, Sakshi and Rajnath have bribed all witnesses, so Nitya lost the evidence. The incident made Payal extremely angry, and even her father and mother committed suicide.

Production Company: Star Plus

Director: Siddharth Priyadarshi

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