Dharm Yoddha Garud

Dharm Yoddha Garud

Garuda is the perfect combination of honouring the Maryada as Bhagwan Rama while using his intelligence and thinking outside of the box thinking as Krishna. His character is an model of selflessness, love of elders, honesty respect for others, and courage. Garuda has been born with extraordinary powers. But, he's born in the slavery of. Garuda will have to follow the commands of his wicked stepmother Kadru as well as his poisonous stepbrothers Kalia and the 1000 snakes. Garuda was born into an age where new generation has forgotten to be respectful and kind to their parents and their elders. Garuda is going to set in his actions the proper examples of being a accountable brother and son. Through his actions and actions, he'll show the way to behave in the right way when facing the difficulties of life being surrounded by selfish individuals. Garuda's mission to free his mother of the shackles and is not without challenges. Garuda's mom Vinta is subject to subjugation by his stepmother Kadru and the 1000 stepbrothers. Garuda's devotion to his mother triggers a rebellion within his. Garuda will eventually learn about the slavery of his mother, and this will trigger the breakdown of his life.

Production Company: Sab TV

Director: Mukhesh Singh

Cast/Actors: Faisal Khan , Toral Rasputra , Parul Chauhan , Ankit Raj , Angad Hasija , Amit Bhanushali , Rishav Trivedi , Soni Singh , Piyali Munsi , Hrishikesh Pandey , Vishal Karwal , Vijay Sharma , Sumit Arora

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