Ali Baba Daastan e Kabul

Ali Baba Daastan e Kabul

Ali Ali, a charming rebel who values his family and will do anything to help his family, struggles with the daily reality of taking care of five adorable orphans have been adopted as his own. The 40 thieves led by their chief Iblis who is the devil in the flesh of himself, were repressed by Ali's father who was the famous Jadugar Mustafa who was Jadugar Mustafa's father. They will continue to be so until the two halves of the magical pendant join. If the guardian of the cave Simsim is sent on his quest to revive the thieves, it's the responsibility of Ali who is the one part of the pendant, to find the inner magician in him and realize his real reason for being.

Director: Maan Singh Manku, Ravi Bhushan

Cast/Actors: Sheezan M Khan , Tunisha Sharma , Karthik Jayaram , Ayush Shrivastava , Sayantani Ghosh

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