chakravartin ashoka samrat - S01E435 - Shocker: Ashoka accused of killing Kaurwaki!

Check out chakravartin ashoka samrat Season 1 Episode 435. Telecasted on 28th September 2016 through Colors television stations. Surprise: Ashoka implicated of eliminating Kaurwaki! Jagannath comes to Bindusara \’s court, charging Ashoka of eliminating Kaurwaki. Previously, Bindusara acquires subconscious after listening to the fact regarding Siamak coming from Sushim. Charumitra takes the benefit of the scenario and also medication \’s Bindusara along with her cure-all, this provides Sushim the overall command over Bindusara. Later on, Bindusara brings in Sushim his follower that makes Ashoka naive of the upcoming threat. Will Ashoka be actually disciplined for Kaurwaki \’s fatality?