100 Days (Zee Marathi) S01E92 7th February 2017 Full Episode

100 Days (Zee Marathi) Season 1 Episode 92. Meera Sardesai Gayatri and her siblings visit the police station for a meeting with Ajay Thakur. Ajay informs them that they’re in contact with Tiwari at the time from where he disappeared. Ajay advises Shelar to access information on the computer of the company about Rani Sardesai. Ajay Thakur makes a call to Sharadh to the police station to conduct interrogation. Sharadh informs Ajay Thakur that he’s no information about Rani’s private life and her past. Sharadh also informs Ajay that on the previous day the other day he observed Dhananjay Sardesai on the lawn of their house in the vicinity of the beach.