100 Days (Zee Marathi) S01E28 24th November 2016 Full Episode

100 Days (Zee Marathi) Season 1 Episode 28. Rani questions Patwaardhan about the will of Dhananjay. Patwardhan says to Rani that Meera came to him in search of more information regarding Dhananjay’s will. Rani informs Patwardhan to not provide incorrect details about the will of Dhananjay to the police. Ajay Thakur’s elder states to his coworkers that the assault on him has raised concerns. Rani says to Vicky that she was wrong to not assaulted Ajay Thakur. Vicky tells her that if the police detain the suspect, he’ll expose all the wrongs she committed to the police. The episodes are worth watching for further information.